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How to use PE pipe hot melt docking machine legitimately? (electrical part)

1、Suggested the machine’s ambient temperature in 0 ~ 40 ℃.

Machines limit working temperature of the instrument and motor can not greater than 60 ℃. Machine operating temperature is superimposed on the environment temperature, environment temperature is higher, the operating temperature of the electrical components are easy to close to the limit working temperature or above, it’s easily lead to instability or damage to the electrical components. If the environment temperature is too high, awning homework should be considered.

2、To access the correct power supply, according to provisions of machine instructions.

Machine power cord wire diameter choice: generally the machine with a input power cord, according to wire diameter of this line to ration the cord to the machine. If the machine comes with power lines diameter is 3 x2. 5 square, the machine from the power supply within 50 meters, then according to 3 x2. 5 square to ration the cord; More than 50 m and less than 100 meters, then the wiring shall increase one level, should ration the cord by 3 x4 square; More than 100 m and less than 150 meters, should ration the cord by 3 x6 square; More than 150 m and less than 200 meters, should ration the cord by 3 x10 square. Back and so on.
2、 Generators, should choose the appropriate power (capacity) generator: Generator capacity KVA X 0.8 = Planning tool KW power generator capacity (5 ~ 8) + X oil pump motor KW power (5 ~ 8) + Crane generator capacity KW power X (5 ~ 8) + hot plate KW power

3、Periodic inspection

1、Regularly check the fastening screws, connectors, solder joint loosen or not on the electrical part. And check the exposed part of the wires shell leakage or not.
 2、Periodically check the hydraulic oil is enough or not, replacement of approved hydraulic oil semiannually. Low oil will not only increased the system temperature, but also will damage the hydraulic device. If not to clean, or use the non-standard hydraulic oil will easy to make the hydraulic system malfunction and damage.

4、Reason to damage

1、Power lines diameter is too thin, to make the power resistance is too big. When you start the machine, power supply voltage is much lower than the rated working voltage of the machine. Relay and contactor can not be actuated properly, to burn the connection, the instrument will not display properly and work. Under low voltage, the hydraulic pump solid state relay would be destroyed for supercurrent.
2、Generator power is small. Supply voltage is low when machine is open, while the machine was stopped, the voltage is high. It caused the electrical components damage rate bigger.
3、Non-standard operation and high pressure milling is the main reason to casue the planning tool and controller motor overload damage, and solid state relay would be damaged as well.

5、Power is the lifeblood and heart of the machine. It needs a clean and stable power to make machine work more stable and long-term.


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